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Excellent Planting & Gardening Services in Connecticut

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint and the soil and sky as canvas.”_ Elizabeth Murray

Planting & Gardening
Planting & Gardening

Beautiful Gardens. Guaranteed!

Maintenance of a healthy garden not only requires time and effort but also knowledge and expertise. We offer a customized one off and regular planting and gardening services in Connecticut Shoreline Communities (Deep River, Essex, Niantic, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Guilford, Chester, Madison) in commercial grounds, local authorities’ grounds, and housing estates. We follow our environmental health and safety policies strictly while delivering the services.

Planting, pruning, and hedge-trimming are some of the jobs we carry out to turn your garden into a peaceful place. Regardless of your gardening goals, our gardening specialists will minimize weeds and maximize the yields by giving you healthy plants.

We grow naturally acclimatized plants in your garden as they are easy to manage and budget-friendly.

We’ve divided our job into three categories namely:

General Maintenance: This is our full-season gardening strategy to increase the quality of the production.

  • Irrigation: We thoroughly water the plants weekly to strengthen its roots.

  • Weeding: Weeding is performed early in the season to ensure proper nutrition supply to the plants.

  • Pruning: For smooth airflow and preventing overcrowding, pruning is done.

  • Fertilizing: We use granular and liquid organic fertilizers for the health of your garden.

  • Harvesting: The harvesting is done at the right time to give you fresh vegetables.

Specialty Maintenance: Several visits are required to do take special care of your garden. We perform the following services in this category:

  • Natural Pest Control: We promote healthy habitats for beneficial insects while removing the harmful ones simultaneously.

  • Season Extension: We set up hobby greenhouses, cold frames, and hoop tunnels to make sure your crops are growing safely throughout the year.

  • Compost Management: Composting is done to make your own soil healthy.

  • Succession Planting: We do succession planting for staggered yielding during the growing season.

  • End-of season Clean Up: We spread compost in the bed, prepare perennials, and get ready the compost for winter in this phase.

Garden Checkups: During garden checkups, we check your soil condition; find out nutritional deficiencies, plant stress indicators, and noxious weeds affecting your garden.

  • Issues Detection: Our team detects the potential weeds beforehand to prevent the growth of certain pests.

  • Garden Tasks: We’ve a long list of gardening tasks and take specific steps to complete them. In this way, we make certain that you’re getting most out of your garden.

  • Happiness: Our regular checkups enable you to assess the health of your garden and thus bring happiness to you.

However big or small your lawn is, we increase your productivity with our modern gardening strategies. Our planting and gardening services in Chester, East Lyme, and other Connecticut Shoreline Communities help you to enjoy a colorful garden round the year without any effort.

We follow natural methods of farming to control pests and for proper nourishment of your gardening plants.


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